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Keep Your Stuff Safe


Slides discreetly  onto waistband

or inside shirt

Keep your valuables concealed

and out of sight

                       Prevents Theft,  Loss,
                    and Lockouts

Great for


  Working Out  




Made in the USA

The Tuk-It Product Line

We proudly offer three styles of the Tuk-It, one for EVERY occasion!

Order yours TODAY!

Intro Video

Introducing the Tuk-It

How It Works

Running Video

Travel Safety

Anchor Running Video
Travel Video

Greetings from Sicily -

I have been wearing the Tuk-It every day in Sicily and I love it! It stays in place and is comfortable for carrying my passport and cards.




I have been using the Tuk-It for about 2 months now as a spare car key holder. I spend a lot of time paddling rivers on my paddleboard and kayak. One of the biggest problems to run into is forgetting the key for your shuttle vehicle and being stranded at the end of the trip. Having the Tuk-It attached to my PFD has been a great additional "safety" feature on my trips - and yes I have needed that key! It's stayed perfectly in place and held up to lots of time in the water. From an overnight epic in the wilderness to afternoon runs through town, the Tuk-It has helped give me peace of mind that I'll be able to get back into my car at the end of the day.

-Michael C.

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