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Our Story

After locking myself out of

my car twice – and the house once – in two weeks, I was inspired to find a way to ensure this would never happen again...

Not only to me, but to anyone else I could help.


So I invented the Tuk-It !

(pronounced tuckit)

 The hidden wallet that stays with you. 

It holds spare keys, credit cards, and cash secure and close to your body.  

The Tuk-It is designed to be worn on your undergarments or waist band so it is on you at all times. It is super comfortable without any buttons, zippers, or snaps.

My customers tell me that the safety and confidence the Tuk-It provides

is a game-changer!

They no longer experience being locked out, pick-pocketed, or having a bulky belt around their waist. 


It stands up to the jiggle factor and stays closed up against your body. 
The Tuk-It can save money, time,

and even a life,

in certain situations.

Grab your Tuk-It TODAY!


Tamarah Quillmann 
Inventor of the Tuk-It

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