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Keep Your Stuff Safe


 Slides discreetly  onto waistband

or inside shirt

Keep your valuables concealed

and out of sight


Great for

  Working Out  





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 Prevents Theft,  Loss, and Lockouts


Made in the USA

The Tuk-It Product Line

We proudly offer three styles of the Tuk-It, one for EVERY occasion!

Order yours TODAY!

Intro Video

Introducing the Tuk-It

How It Works

Running Video

Travel Safety

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Travel Video

I love my Tuk-It! I use it to hold my phone when I walk. It makes walking with a phone so much easier. It's so comfortable; I hardly know it's on. It works really well and is very well made. Your customer service is beyond excellent, too!



Tammy I love the Tuk-It!  I've worn it a couple of times and I just I love it. It's very convenient so I am thinking about getting other sizes too, but I love it. I just love it!
-Christine Redman


The Tuk-It keeps my office key on my side at all times, so I never get locked out. It stays on ALL DAY!
I have used the Tuk-It for over 6 months now, and I love it!

-Rocio  Castellanos


I love to take my Tuk-it on my family vacations. I have had my cards and keys fall out of my pockets too many times, and I don’t enjoy bringing a bag to constantly stow on rides. I never have to worry about losing them with my Tuk-it safely in my waistband! It’s a great hands-free, comfortable and simple solution.

-Sarah Fitzgerald


Greetings from Sicily -

I have been wearing the Tuk-It every day in Sicily and I love it! It stays in place and is comfortable for carrying my passport and cards.